Wat doen we ?

We stellen jullie graag onze projekten en initiatieven voor die we de laatste 2 jaar gerealiseerd hebben. Alle anderen worden gearchiveerd.

Kiwi piloting

Running projects

Turmeric Farming

Management Summary: The turmeric project is proposed by a group from Ward No. 7 Baiteshwor Rural Municipality (RM). Turmeric is a compulsive spice in every Nepali kitchen but it is…Read More

KIWI Project Piloting

Introduction:  A meeting with Baiteshwor Rural Municipality (RM) on November 12, 2021, has emerged to support KIWI. In order to find possibilities, the team Samundra Nepal further explored how ‘High…Read More

Proposed Projects

Skill Training

Executive Summary: The objective of the training is to organize gainful skill training : electrician plumber AC maintenance technician for 30 youth of Baiteshwor RM, Dolakha. The training will be…Read More

Water Supply Project

Project Name: Water Supply Project Project Implementation Area: Baiteshwor-5, Dolakha Background: Clean water is the basic need of human beings. Without clean water, quality of life cannot be attained. Water…Read More

Tree Plantation Project

Project Name: Tree Plantation Project Project Implementation Area: Baiteshwor-5, Dolakha district Background: People of Baiteshwor depend merely on a source of income, usually agriculture or animal husbandry to earn their…Read More

Health Camp

Project Name: Health Camp Project  Project Implementation Area: Baiteshwor, Dolakha Considering accessibility and area coverage, the health camp will be conducted in a common venue for different wards. The venue…Read More

Agriculture Promotion Project

Project Name: Agriculture Promotion Project Project Implementation Area: Baiteshwor-5, Dolakha district Background: The wide range of topography, soil, and climate type available favors for farming of various types of crops…Read More

Completed Projects

Establishment Of Ophthalmology Ward

Background: The eye is one of the important sense organs of human beings. Any small change or damage to the normal structures and functions of the eye leads to lifelong…Read More

Contribution in installation of isolation ward

Background There should be a separate ward used to isolate patients suffering from infectious diseases in every hospital and in other medical facilities providers. Many wards for individual patients are…Read More

Health Camp in Baiteshwor RM

Health Camp in Baiteshwor Rural Municipality on Uterine Prolapse Background Healthcare is a basic right of a human being that should be available for everyone and shouldn’t be treated as…Read More

Construction of Birthing Centre in Baiteshwor

Birthing Centre Background A birthing center is a healthcare service for obstetric mothers by nurse-midwives and/or obstetricians. They monitor the labor and health of the mother & fetus at the…Read More

Mainapokhari Maternity Clinic

Een van de grotere projecten van Himalayan Care Hands (HCH) is de bouw van het Himalayan Care Hands ziekenhuis. Het ziekenhuis is gevestigd in het Kabre Village Development Committee (VDC)…Read More

Mainapokhari Krankenhaus

Die Stadt Mainapokhari ist klein (6500 Einwohner/innen) und schwer zu erreichen. Die Busfahrt von Kathmandu nach Mainapokhari dauert mindestens 10 Stunden und ist  184 km lang. Die Stadt Mainapokhari befindet…Read More