Tree Plantation Project

Project Name: Tree Plantation Project

Project Implementation Area: Baiteshwor-5, Dolakha district


People of Baiteshwor depend merely on a source of income, usually agriculture or animal husbandry to earn their livelihood. But, during the time of emergencies like any health problem in the family or bigger emergencies like the occurrence of natural disasters, they have to depend on others for financial assistance as the money does not suffice. They have to borrow money from friends or relatives. Most of the time they spend the next 2-5 years post the hard times paying back the money to the lender. As a result, they cannot bring any financial growth or improvement in the family, not even saving for that period of time. Thus, there is a need for a secondary source for earning money. Plantation of cash crops and economically viable plants like medicinal and aromatic plants can be the income source for people. At the same time, they will be contributing to environment conservation by preserving water resources, reducing natural disasters, and maintaining the greenery of the area via the grown plants. This is a win-win situation for the beneficiaries.

Goals and Objectives:


  • Developing economically viable or cash crops as a source of income generation along with promoting greenery of the area.


  • Plantation of cash crops, medicinal and aromatic plants saplings
  • Growing and caring for the saplings to grow into trees under the supervision of agriculture expert, Mr. D.B. Dahal.
  • Management of market for the trees and their products.
  • Ground Water source conservation  

Steps and Methodology:

  1. Baseline Study
  2. Coordination and Collaboration with local government 
  3. Proposal submission to donor
  4. Approval of proposal from a donor agency
  5. Co-ordination with Social Welfare Council for Project Implementation Approval
  6. Implementation
  7. Formation of Consumer’s Group
  8. Monitoring and Evaluation regularly on behalf of Himalayan Care Hands by Mr. D.B. Dahal (Agriculture technician and government officer and local resident of Baiteshwor)
  9. Reporting 
  10. Follow-up


Expected Results:

  • Tree saplings plantation that will aid in the income generation of 100 Households.
  • 1-day training on:
    • Cash crop plantation module
    • Use of cash crops and economically viable plants 
  • The greenery and natural beauty of the area is increased
  • Improvement of groundwater source 



Commercial farming of economical plants for income generation of 50*2= 100 HH is an innovative approach to be implemented in this project.



  • Dependency on only one individual and/or one source for income generation.
  • Reduction in the number of trees causing drying up of water sources, air pollution, and different natural disasters like soil erosion and landslides.


Project Cost:

The cost of the project is approximately 4,000 USD, an in-depth breakdown of which is given below:

S.N. Particulars   Unit Cost


Total Cost (USD)
1. 1 Day training to the consumers 500
2. Supervision and monitoring charge for Agriculture technician
3. Plant saplings 3500
Total Cost in USD   4000


The detailed cost breakdown for each plant sapling depends on 

  • The species: will be decided based on season and recommendation of the Agriculture technician 
  • Quantity of the plant saplings: will be decided based on the discussion on the training and recommendation of Agriculture technician. 

Thus, further details will be provided after the project implementation date is confirmed.

Projects Facts

Project Title: Tree Plantation
Sector: Environment
Region: Dolakha
Country: Nepal
Executing Agency: Samundra Nepal
Sponsoring NGO: Samundra Belgium
Calculated Budget: USD 4000
Time: 2024
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