Through its establishment, Samundra Nepal has been supporting more then 25000 people directly to break their poverty cycle and improve their living standards. The people of Baiteshwor RM have received health services, agricultural support, educational support, and support for humanitarian needs and infrastructure.

Currently, Samundra Belgium & Switzerland are our main funding sources. We expect generic support from our kind-hearted friends around the globe. We were also able to mobilize the funds from local governmental institutions, individuals, communities, and non-government organizations. We run our local fundraising program independently.

We are pleased to show our donors a strong commitment: we invest their hard-earned money in needy communities to create a positive impact and increase happiness through education, agriculture, and infrastructure. However, supporting bringing the community out of the vicious cycle of poverty is our goal. Previously, from 1989, we worked along with the founder members of Himalayan Leaders who have been involved in many social projects and were eagerly looking for an official structure. We already supported establishing a hospital in Baiteshwor, solar energy projects, earthquake relief, or a new e-library in Baiteshwor Rural Municipality.

Samundra Nepal aims to achieve sustainable development in the Rural Places of Nepal. For sustainable impacts, we value stakeholders’ participation in each phase of projects and meaningful exit strategies, and good governance.

We are pleased to show our strong commitment that the hard-earned money of our donors that we receive for needy communities must be invested for positive impact and increased happiness.    

Vision / Mission

In short : We want to improve the living standards in a long term and self sustaining way.

A bit longer : We help where we can. We are enablers. We do this in close collaboration with local communities, local schools, local governments. Whoever needs help. They speak up, we listen. Together we discuss and decide on a way forward. We do not tell anybody what to do, we create suggestions, a plan, a proposal. Only by doing so, you engage towards full empowerment and you embrace the full potential of every project with highest efficiency. And most important, once the implementation phase of each project is carried out, the local community takes full responsibility.

Working Strategy of Samundra Nepal

1. Addressing initiatives

  • We empower each and every individual/community to address an initiative.
  • We offer our professional structure for discussions to understand, shape, and formulate this need to a project.
  • Each need has to improve the living standards of any local community.

2. Sustainability of the initiatives

  • Every initiative needs to be long term sustainable.
  • We emphasize on working with the community to take ownership, maintain their infrastructure, their project(s), and yearly results.
  • Local governments need to show a strong commitment to maintaining, operating and using the infrastructure. 

3. Local government and community 

  • Participation of local communities from inception to project completion.
  • Cash/labor/logistic contribution(s) from the locals and local government.
  • Participation of women and marginalized people in the process.
  • Communities take leadership (Samundra Nepal is just a supporter).

4. Collaboration and synergy

  • We support and empower collaboration with all stakeholders (Wards, RM, Community, individual(s), Hospital, Health Post(s), Himali Health Cooperative, local leaders, local government(s), local communities)
  • We welcome synergies when possible.

5. Transparency

  • We maintain transparency and take accountability for our efforts

6. ‘ Do no Harm’ 

  • Our efforts shall contribute to creating social harmony.
  • We respect local culture, lifestyle, and people.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Jagat Dahal President
Govinda Pathak Vice President
Krishna Dahal Vice President
Prakash Dahal General Secretory
Hari Bol Sapkota Vizepräsident
Bikram Dahal Financial Advisor
Smriti Budhathoki Financial Advisor
Asmita Devkota Treasurer

General Members

  • Bijay Dhakal
  • Nawaraj Parajuli
  • Toran Kumar Sunuwar
  • Suraj Khadka
  • Hari Bol Sapkota
  • Nisha Maharjan

Advisory Board

  • Arjun Bahadur Thapa Chhetri
  • Pashupati Chaulagain
  • Madandas Shrestha
  • Krishna K.C.
  • Praveen Pradhan
  • Navin Raj Dahal
  • Deepak Raj Parajuli

International Partners

Niels Visser

Antwerp, Belgium
Founder Samundra Belgium
Expert Hospital & Waste Management

Peter Soons

Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Founder Himalayan Care Hands Nepal and Samundra Nepal
Expert NGO Project Management
Fundraiser in Switzerland and Belgium

Kristof Wouters

Founder Samundra Belgium
Expert Hospital Management

Peggy Kuipers

Founder Samundra The Netherlands
Expert Hospital Management

Robert Gerritsma

Meilen, Switzerland
Founder Solidarity Schweiz

Markus Kamber

Klosters, Switzerland
Expedition physician

Maik Becker

Zurich, Switzerland
Founder Run For Children

Dipendra Dahal Senior Program Manager

Parijs, France
Program Manager Samundra Nepal
Expert Hospital Management

Dr. Marieke Meelen

Cambridge, UK
Expert Community Collaboration
Expert NGO Project Management

Michel Fehr

Bülach, Switzerland
Expert Education Remote Areas