Or, how you can change the life of thousands of people

Samundra Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. That means that we make every effort to ensure that the required donations are spent on the project objectives. 

Samundra Nepal’s team members are not salaried and without own interests besides to get happy by volunteering. They offer “care hands” to whom who needs help.

If you are interested to be sponsor for one or more of our projects, please reach out to us. We inform you in person on which projects suits best to your personal believes and interests.

We know that the smallest gift will have a huge impact on a persons’ life.

Become an idea what a small gift can achieve. We have listed some examples (100 USD = 90 EUR):


  • With 60 USD, we cover the cost for the scholarship of a student for 1 year at a government school
  • With 40-50 USD, we can organize activities like a music class or a dance class for a full class of students
  • With 70-80 USD, we can buy the school dress of a student for 1 year
  • With 80-100 USD, you sponsor a full supply of school material (school books, pencils, sharpener,…) for class 1 (6y old) until class 5 students (12y old) for 1 year


  • With 40-50 USD, you can sponsor a hygiene pack that we give for free to each visitor of our hospital in Mainapokhari (soap, handwash, towel, toothpaste,…)
  • With 90-100 USD, an elder person gets free health checks for 1 year
  • With 90-100 USD, we can cover a full year of health checks for a 6 month old baby


  • With 9-10 USD, you can sponsor a fruit tree in Mainapokhari.
  • With 90-100 USD, you sponsor 10 fruit trees in Mainapokhari, which is enough for 1 family to have fruits year around !

We are looking forward to any amount. Because any small gift will help to change peoples lives. And if you want to donate a bigger amount…even better. 

How you can donate

To save the costs for the money transfer, you can either donate to Samundra Belgium (for european donors), Switzerland or Nepal – please see below

All donations will be registered in annual public reports, assuring transparent procedures. All donors receive written confirmations on how their donations are spent in the projects. For that, if you would like, please send us an email.

You will find out directly how your donation has been used.

When you are from Europe

you can transfer the donation by a normal SEPA transfer to our NGO partner Samundra Belgium.
Samundra Belgium
Kanunnik Peetersstraat 42 box 2 | B-2600 Berchem
VAT: BE 0712 682 655 | RPR, Antwerp department
Account number (IBAN BE): BE19 9733 5642 4312

When you donate from Switzerland

transfer the donation easily to our NGO partner Solidarity 
Appisbergstrasse 4, 8708 Männedorf
Clearingnummer: 81481  SWIFT Code: RAIFCH22   postaccount: 30-38153-3
Account number (IBAN CH): CH31 8148 1000 0052 5938 0

For donations from Nepal or other countrys outside of Europe and Switzerland

Samundra Nepal
A/C Number 019-08234320012

Swift code: HIMANPKA
Name of Bank: Himalayan Bank Limited.
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal