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Samundra Nepal (SN) a Nepali social development organization, led by experienced Nepali professionals from the fields of tourism, economics, rural development, infrastructure, health, education, Environment and agriculture. If you have specific talents or expertise in healthcare, agriculture, income generating, environment, education, environment or NGO management, we will be pleased to explore collaboration options to exchange ideas and knowledge.

  1. How can I apply for volunteering with Samundra Nepal?

If you want to apply for volunteering with Samundra Nepal, please tell us your expertise and intended time in an email. Then drop your latest CV at along with the email at least prior one month.

  1. I am a health expert; can I work in the hospital?

No you cannot work. Government policy of Nepal does not allow an individual foreign health expert to work independently in any health service center including a hospital. However, you can work together with Nepali experts under their supervision.

  1. How much does volunteering cost?

It is all up to you. You must pay for your lodging, transportation, local guide, and insurance. As a volunteer, the cost of the lodging is 15 Euro per day, and need to stay with a local family, which includes a room and meals prepared by the host family. Second, we expect you to donate your desired amount so that we can support another needy community’s project.

  1. I am an expert in teaching; how can I help? Can I teach at a school? How long?

Your teaching knowledge is highly valued. You are welcome to help by teaching in a school. The duration is adjustable and can be decided upon mutually with the school. The length of time you teach can be negotiated and settled upon based on your availability and the needs of the school.

  1. Is there a best time to volunteer? How long should I volunteer?

You can volunteer with us in all year around. Generally, a volunteer can work with us from one week to a month. But, if you want to work longer than that, we can discuss for further opportunity.  

  1. Can I bring clothes for kids?

Yes, you can.

  1. I am an expert; how can I help?

First, assure that your expertise matches in agriculture (kiwi farming, lemon & vegetable farming, turmeric farming, and coffee production); or health (uterine prolapse, reproductive health and general health issues), or in teaching. Second, apply for volunteering with Samundra Nepal, telling us your expertise and your plan of volunteering attaching your latest CV at at least one month earlier.

  1. How much in advance do I need to book my volunteering time?

You have to book your volunteering time at least in a month advance.

  1. What if I am interest in Environment sector?

If you were interested in the sector of environment (climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity conservation, soil protection), you can jointly work with us together with our experts and contribute in developing programs and projects. 

  1. I do not speak Nepali; is that ok?

It is okay. Language will not be a barrier for your volunteering with us if you speak English.

  1. I have collected the donation, how can I use donation?

If you have collected fund and eager to donate us, please contact us via email address for necessary support.

  1. Where do I sleep? What do I eat?

It depends. In Kathmandu, you will good hotel for nice accommodation and food.  You will have lodge or guess house and Nepali Daal Bhaat while you are some other urban areas. When you are at the project sites, you can live with local people and eat local food especially, Daal, Bhaat, bread, green vegetable etc.

  1. What do I need to bring to the project sites during volunteering?

You need to take warm clothes for winter and light dresses for summer days. It will be good if you take with a sleeping bag in light backpack, with your own water bottle, medicine and other personal stuff that you need.

  1. What should I wear? Is there any dress restriction?

You can wear as usual dresses. There is no dress restriction in Nepal but people feel awkward if you get exposed.

  1. What if I need to cancel my visit?

You can inform us 15 days earlier to cancel the visit.