Skill Training

Executive Summary:

The objective of the training is to organize gainful skill training :

  • electrician
  • plumber
  • AC maintenance technician

for 30 youth of Baiteshwor RM, Dolakha. The training will be held in Kathmandu giving emphasis on practical skills at real sites.  NRs. 1400K will be the budget for the packages. However, contributions from local governments and participants will also be explored. After training, the trainees will be compulsorily linked to the job market for gainful opportunities. The spending is around NRs. 1400K (50 thousand per participant), will help to bring the happiness of 30 HHs.  We are committed to investing the money received from you only in the stated project as per the financial rules and regulations of the Government of Nepal.


Youth migration in Nepal for foreign employment is high in comparison to south Asian countries. The lack of industrialization, lack of governmental support in the agricultural sector and financial insecurity in investment push youth forward to migration. Youth are educated but due to a lack of practical skills, their education remains unproductive. If they wish to run their own income-generating activities, they do not have skills. Meanwhile, a large number of Indian people come with skills to Nepal and get good opportunities.  

It is our perception that Baiteshwor RM also has high migration for foreign employment. Their major destination of them is the Arabian countries. Some of them move to Japan, Australia, and European countries. However, they are often undermined in payment considering their hands-on skill. 

This training proposal is focused on training 30 youth in different sectors.

  • 10 persons for electric technicians
  • 10 persons for a plumbing technician
  • 10 persons for AC maintenance

Nowadays, a plumber or an electrician charges NRs. 30,000 per floor in Kathmandu for their services. AC technicians also earn good earnings based on cases.

In order to conduct the training, we have already assured the fund of NRs. 560,000.00 from Samundra Belgium. Individuals will participate with a total of NRs. 70,000.00. This proposal is submitted with great expectations from NRs. 770,000..

Proposal submitting to

This proposal has been prepared to submit to Samundra Belgium or any other potential donors for financial assistance.


This is direct gainful training for the participants. The overall objective of this training is to improve the living standard of 30 households in Baiteshwor RM:

  • Trained youth of Baiteshwor RM and link them to the job market.
  • Support the youth of Baiteshor to seek employment opportunities in their villages and nearby cities.
  • Some of the participants may start their own enterprises as plumbers, electricians, or AC technicians.

Budget requirement

SN Training Package Numbers of Trainees Total Budget Outcome
1. Electric Training 10 390,000 80% reduction of migration to Kathmandu

Nepali family structures stay intact

2. Plumbing Training 10 440,000
3. AC repairing 10 570,000
  30 1,400,000
Cost sharing  by individual 70,000 5%
Cost sharing by Samundra Belgium 560,000 40%
Requested to share Costs by potential donors 770,000 55%
Total NRs. 1,400,000  


Appeal for support and commitment from Samundra Nepal

  • We are in dire need of NRs. 770,000.00 to conduct the gainful training objectively to bring happiness to 30 families.
  • We are eager to assure you that the received fund will be utilized to achieve the stated objective of maintaining financial transparency according to the government financial policy of Nepal.
  • As a donor, you will be welcome to ask about the progress, process, and all the information related to this project.

Training Administration Process:

  • Participants will be selected based on their needs (criteria will be developed)
  • Training shall be organized in Kathmandu where resources are available for theory and practical sessions.
  • A training provider ( consultancy) shall be explored to lead the training
  • Emphasis will be given to practical skills on-site rather than theory which will be theory 30%, practical 70%.
  • Job providers will be identified for 30 persons prior to the commencement of training.
  • Income after training shall be tracked for impact studies.


  • Trainees will get a gainful opportunity in the market which will contribute to improving their living standards.
  • Trainees will be able to search the market as per their skill.

Projects Facts

Project Title: Skill Training
Sector: Mechanical Training
Region: Dolakha
Country: Nepal
Executing Agency: Samundra Nepal
Sponsoring NGO: Samundra Belgium
Calculated Budget: USD 12,000
Time: 2023-2024
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