Health Camp

Project Name: Health Camp Project 

Project Implementation Area: Baiteshwor, Dolakha

Considering accessibility and area coverage, the health camp will be conducted in a common venue for different wards. The venue model will be as follows:

  •  Baiteshwor ward numbers 1,2 and 3: Venue A(at HCH Hospital )
  • Baiteshwor ward numbers 4,5 and 6: Venue B
  • Baiteshwor ward numbers 7,8 and 6(few): Venue C


Rural areas usually don’t have fully equipped hospitals, both in mechanical and human resources. Even if there is hospital inadequacy of specialist doctors is faced. So, residents of these areas usually don’t get to undergo diagnosis and treatment under expert supervision. They are compelled to visit headquarter or the capital of the country. This visit turns out to be time-consuming as well as expensive considering the travel time and cost. As a result, people do not go for any health examination unless their situation is critical. However, if the specialist doctors are brought to their place through health camps, people will happily go for diagnosis and treatment. Also, during such health camps, any disease or problem can be diagnosed at an early stage which may save the lives of individuals.

Goals and Objectives:


  • To provide effective health service through expert doctors
  • To raise awareness about the importance of timely health check-up


  • The organization of health camps is regular.
  • Provide free and high-quality medical services for the poor population.
  • Refer severe medical cases to Kathmandu
  • Focus on specific camps like ophthalmology camp, dental camp, family planning and gynecology reproductive health camp, etc.
  • Conduction of blood donation camps(for storing blood  Samundra Nepal will coordinate  with Red cross society )

Steps and Methodology:

  1. Baseline Study
  2. Coordination and Collaboration with local government
  3. Collaboration with local and central level hospital
  4. Proposal submission to donor
  5. Approval of proposal from the donor agency
  6. Co-ordination with Social Welfare Council for Project Implementation Approval
  7. Coordination and communication with specialist doctors from Kathmandu city
  8. Hiring specialist doctors
  9. Implementation of project
  10. Feedback from beneficiaries on the effectiveness of the project
  11. Compiling the data of visitors and doctors of the camp


  • Lack of proper health care facilities.
  • Lack of awareness related to health problems and their severe effects.
  • Unaffordable health services like check-ups and medication.
  • Lack of specialists. (E.g.: dentist, gynecologist, etc.)

Expected Results:

  • About 9 Health Camp events with special emphasis on eye, dental and reproductive health.
  • Participation of a minimum of 300  beneficiaries in each event.

Target Groups:

  • Senior citizens
  • Women
  • Children
  • Patients with chronic diseases
  • Residents of Baiteshwor R.M.


Project Cost:

The cost of the project is approximately 3,000 USD per event (an in-depth breakdown will be on the final proposal).

Cost Break down for each event  

S.N Description  unit Amount in USD  Remarks 
1 Doctor Allowance   6 1200 200 USD each  for 2 days 
2 transportation cost  1 400 2 way 
3 Breakfast ,lunch ,dinner,accommodation  1 700  
4 Medication  1 300  
5 Radio station publicity, paper publicity, flex print  1 100  
  Total  2700 USD  

Total cost for 3 event =2700*3=8100 USD 


Cost break down for 3 events in one time (5 days plan for doctor )

S.N Description  unit Amount in USD  Remarks 
1 Doctor Allowance   6 3000 500 USD for  5 days 
2 transportation cost  1 700 2 way cost +3 days local 
3 Breakfast ,lunch ,dinner,accommodation  1 1400 5 days 
4 Medication  1 900 300 USD of each venue 
5 Radio station publicity, paper publicity, flex print  1 100  
  Total  6100 USD  


Projects Facts

Project Title: Health Camp
Sector: Health
Region: Dolakha
Country: Nepal
Executing Agency: Samundra Nepal
Sponsoring NGO: Samundra Belgium
Calculated Budget: USD 6,100
Time: 2024
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