Construction of Birthing Centre in Baiteshwor

Birthing Centre


A birthing center is a healthcare service for obstetric mothers by nurse-midwives and/or obstetricians. They monitor the labor and health of the mother & fetus at the time of birth and during the pregnancy period. The birthing centers are being attached to health posts and health centers to provide the service for 24 hours. The government of Nepal has been focusing on the development of birthing centers in step by step manner in health facilities of rural areas where access to women’s health care is very difficult.

Birthing Centre in Baiteshwor Hospital

Baiteshwor Hospital is providing medical services which are situated at Baiteshwor Rural Municipality of the Dolakha district. Many people from different rural places come there to get medical services.

Baiteshwor Hospital provides all types of medical services. Many people are benefited from this Hospital. Due to the lack of separate buildings of the birthing center, women were deprived of the health services related to reproductive health. They were compelled to use general wards for their deliveries and other sensitive gynecological cases. Due to this problem, some women even prefer not visiting the hospital for their health issues as they are insecure to spill their guts regarding very personal topics like reproductive health. This has hampered their right to live a healthy life.

On the other hand, when the patients from the general ward and birth centers are kept under the same roof for treatment, the general wards are cluttered. Also, the patients from the general ward are deprived of effective health facilities. Thus, there was an urgent need to construct separate buildings for the birth centers only.

Objectives of this Project

  • To provide high-quality health services for women related to gynecology.
  • To ensure and monitor the health of the mother and fetus (child).
  • Help to decrease the number of women who die or are injured during childbirth.


Cost estimate 

The total estimated cost for the donation in the construction of the Birthing Centre is USD 5000. 



Projects Facts

Project Title: Construction of Birthing center
Sector: Health
Region: Dolakha
Country: Nepal
Executing Agency: Samundra Nepal
Sponsoring NGO: Samundra Belgium
Calculated Budget: USD 5000
Location Map
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