Establishment Of Ophthalmology Ward

The eye is one of the important sense organs of human beings. Any small change or damage to the normal structures and functions of the eye leads to lifelong disability, sometimes even resulting in the loss of vision. Keeping this fact in mind, special care is to be given while dealing with eyes and issues related to them. This calls for the need for ophthalmologists (eye specialists) and various distinct equipment and machinery, specially designed for the eyes. Also, eye patients cannot be treated in the general ward as the eye is as sensitive as an important organ. Small ignorance and carelessness or disturbance possible in case of treatment on the general ward will not negligible. It is the case in Baiteshwor Hospital. As the hospital lacks a distinct ophthalmology ward, eye patients are also obliged to travel a long way and reach district headquarters, solely for dealing with the abnormalities experienced on the eyes.
 Establishment of ophthalmology ward at Baiteshwor Hospital.
 Appointment of the required number of ophthalmologists.
 Management and Purchase of equipment and machinery required for the ophthalmology ward.
 Ensuring effective eye health facility and treatment, especially targeted to the residence of Gaurishankar rural municipality and Jiri municipality.
o Obligations to undergo eye treatment with a general physician.
o Lack of specialists sometimes results in the wrong diagnosis of the problems.
o Lack of proper and specific equipment to undergo diagnosis and treatment.
o Dealing with eye problems is costly as people in this area have to visit the district headquarter or the capital of the country. As a result, poverty-stricken people cannot afford eye treatment and the problem/ disease sustains and increases only.

Project cost :
The local government has arranged an ophthalmologist. A separate ward for an eye is needed, which will be managed by the hospital itself. The contributed cost of the equipment and machinery is USD 5000.


Projects Facts

Project Title: Establishment Of Ophthalmology Ward
Sector: Health
Region: Dolakha
Country: Nepal
Executing Agency: Samundra Nepal
Sponsoring NGO: Samundra Belgium
Calculated Budget: USD 5000
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