Solar energy at our hospital in Mainapokhari

Our hospital in Mainapokhari

Background : 

Our NGO Himalayan Care Hands has built a hospital in Mainapokhari and it serves a full district in rural Nepal, 180km from Kathmandu. The supply of constant and reliable electric power is vital to the functioning of our medical facility. It is hampered by intermittent and limited electric supply and severe disruptions of infrastructure. A solar panel installation will make us independent of a weak infrastructure and ensure that patients can receive urgent services at all times.

Problems :

The power supply at the Himalayan Care Hands hospital undergoes constant fluctuation through load shedding and the impact of heavy weather on the power infrastructure. The  monsoon season in 2016 damaged the dam that provided hydro electric power with the result that the hospital had to run a generator for long periods of time in order to provide medical care to their patients. This was not only very polluting to the hospital environment but also extremely costly.

Solution :

A solar panel installation will make the hospital independent of a weak and unreliable power infrastructure. It would provide constant and reliable power for a facility that serves thousands of poor farming families in rural Nepal. A trained service technician will be available at all times for maintenance and repair to ensure a trouble free long term performance of this installation.

Long-Term Impact

A solar panel installation will solve our power supply problems once and for all. It means that we can more consistently and safely deliver critical medical care to the roughly more  families in the Dolakha districts. It will save lives as it means no more compromised operations or hazardous birthing because of flickering lights and non-functional equipment (x-ray machine, lab testing etc.)

Technical specification

  • 250W panel -8 numbers
  • 200AMP battery-4  unit
  • 5KVA-48V-40A  inverter -1 unit

Project Sponsoring :

The Lions club ZAANSTREEK de BANNE optioned to sponsor this highly critical and important project.

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