[:en]Himalayan Care Hands Hospital second floor construction [:nl]Himalayan Care Hands Hospital constructie 1e verdieping



Government health and sub-health posts are located at rural places but they are unable to provide even basic health services to the rural people due to limited resources for medicines, for trained and qualified medical personnel  for necessary basic equipment and physical infrastructure. Due to the lack of good hospital facilities in mainapokhari many people used to die at an early age from common diseases. Pregnant women the verge of delivery died on the way to the hospital. Children died from diarrhea. Sick people were unable to afford treatment or could not reach a hospital in time due to unavailability of transport. Hospital is capital and centered in district and is beyond access for poor people. therefore, few people went to hospital in the district and most of the people traditional healers to cure illness so to address the people problems  Himalayan care hands  has been running the hospital in mainapokhari since 2011 A.D. Now To add the health facilities in hospital Himalayan care hands decided to Build  second floor


Main objectives of the hospital aims is to provide affordable and quality healthcare for all patients on time.

Coordination and Collaboration

Health Cooperative, Village Development committee, District Development committee, District Health office, Ministry of health office, District administrative office, Social welfare council, Himalayan Care Hands Holland, wilde Ganzen and other related line agencies.

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