Project visit to Singiyahi development villages

On February 13-15 (2012) Himalayan Care Hands foundations visited Singiyahi in the Mahottari district in Janakpur. In this deprived rural area the Center for Integrated Rural Development (CIRD Janakpur) is improving basic life conditions for the hundreds of (farming) families.
The communities lack healthcare, education, (nutricious) food and hygiene but with help of Heifer International a unique empowerment program is running that can best be described by the famous verb ‘we do not give them fish, but learn them to fish’.
In october 2011 an unique experiment was added to the activities in collaboration with Himalayan Care Hands. To foster education four special XO laptops were donated and a special computer training started for a select group of children. The basic idea is to bring a ‘school in a box’ (laptop) since materials for good educations are rare or missing in these rural areas. With the help of CIRD the pilot was carried out and progress could fast be witnessed by the energetic and motivated style in which the children want to learn. For encouraging further learning, children were awarded by a special certificate. Two more laptops were donated.
The welcome and guidance by both CIRD members, presidents and staff and the residents of the different communities was overwhelming. In just a few days HCH learned about the many objectives and both CIRD and HCH discussed many possibilities on further collaboration, including expanding the digital school projects, new awareness programs and finding ways to enhance local education and medical facilities. Please help us and them by supporting this project! Do not just ‘like’, but look close at what you see. Nepali empowering their fellow brothers and sisters. Share this experience and donate on our website(s).
A comprehensive report about the 3 day projectvisit will soon be published by HCH and CIRD, including the press report from Janakpur on and of course in facebook.